S2 E3 Pamela

Conversation with Pamela Russel leader of OT-Works! serving vancouvera area in BC. Topics include: Being a leader, connecting as a team and coping and healing through stories 

Guest: Pamela Russell, BSc, BSc(OT), MSc

Host: Jen Taubensee  OT (Reg) BC

Music by David Hyde

Pamela graduated from OT school at McGill University 22 years ago. Prior to that she obtained a bachelors degree in biology and psychology, and a masters degree in physiology (when she decided she likes humans more than frogs!) She started her practice in BC, and began leading OT Works! 19 years ago.

She’s been an active member of the CAOT-BC Private Practice Business Network since June 2009. More recently, she’s been a Member of the BC Occupational Therapy Workforce Collaborative. She’s been certified by Essential Impacts Coaching, and in the Progressive Goal Attainment Program.

She has been accepted by the Supreme Court of British Columbia as an expert in the areas of Occupational Therapy and the Assessment of Cost-of-Future Care.

Pamela’s practice has focused primarily on mental health, concussion, and chronic pain, facilitating return to work, return to life. She sees each client and their situation as unique and feels it is a privilege to be part of their recovery journey. She’s incredibly grateful to her team of creative, resourceful and inspiring occupational therapists at OT Works! and the amazing culture of collaboration they’ve grown together

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