S2 E1 Bronwen

Conversation with Bronwen exploring play. Topics include starting with spirit and strength, occupation is enough, and OT-ing yourself.

Guest: Bronwen Poultney MSc(OT) AB

Host: Jen Taubensee  OT (Reg) BC

Bronwen graduated from the University of Alberta OT program in 2011, following an undergraduate degree in English and Psychology. Since then he has worked for Qi Creative Inc., a private practice in Alberta serving children and their families through success coaching, celebration of strengths and collaboration to create meaningful learning. Since 2017, Bronwen has worked part time for Qi, splitting his time between the Edmonton area and his tiny homestead in Invermere, BC. Bronwen loves skateboarding, snowboarding, beekeeping, travelling with his partner in their 1982 Volkswagen van (Buttercup), writing, and watching Ru Paul’s drag race with his pets

Music by David Hyde


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